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I have come to crave stillness, moments to meditate, listen to my heart. But I’ve been opening myself deeper to the power of my mind, heart and belief system and how it affects me in such a vast number of ways, and also discovered it’s the perfect time to recall life’s treasured moments.

We all understand that stress, unhealthy foods, and lifestyle have negative effects on our bodies, but I’ve been fascinated to learn that science is proving that mindset and emotional well-being, translates to every cell in our body.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times; think about what you’re thinking about. We are not trained to pay attention to our thoughts and the affect they have on our emotional and physical well-being. In fact, most of our thoughts are sub-conscious and we just follow. That, along with foods that are causing super toxic reactions results in what we experience emotionally and physically and are on medications for, and it all has a million times more to do with mindset than any of us can possibly know.

However, we do know enough now to have many scientifically proven ways to reprogram our thinking and beliefs. Since learning so much about this, I’ve deepened my efforts to intentionally turn my thoughts toward those things and moments in life that make my heart sing. I’ve avidly encouraged people for years to give themselves permission to nurture themselves by doing the things they love and letting go of have-to / supposed-to’s, but I’ve discovered there’s much more; that a simple recall of a moment of bliss completely changes my day. It also changes how my body feels.

It’s so much fun! One of those moments for me is one I’ve remembered many times, but one morning I intentionally recalled a moment in Greece. There were so many, in fact, I loved every moment of the trip, but it’s the moments that just explode in your heart anytime, anywhere. It was a moment on the island of Mykonos when, after finally securing a rental car and making our way through very narrow streets with basically no traffic laws, and finding a parking place by the landmark windmills, that we stood on the edge of a cliff snapping pictures of them when I looked down, and at the edge of the sapphire sea and a quaint little shopping village, was a restaurant, white tables with blue chairs. I screamed, “that’s it! that’s it!”  You see, it was the exact restaurant I’d seen in pictures when I’d researched our trip to Greece and vowed, I’m going to eat there. And we did!

It was simply one of those serendipitous, blissful moments – for me. Those standing there with me didn’t have the same moment. It was mine, and simply a moment intentionally recalling it shared its bliss on my entire day. You see, there’s something about those moments that make you believe they can happen on any given day. Can you recall a special, blissful moment that hugs your heart? Pay attention to how it completely changes your mindset.

There are even more ways to re-program your mind for better well-being body, mind and soul. I am now a Certified Master for MindPT, which stands for Mind Power Technology. It is a technique that with as little as three minutes a day, you can prime your mind to think uplifting, empowering thoughts, automatically overpowering other thoughts that would otherwise take precedence in your mind. It is a video combination of gorgeous pictures, soothing music and uplifting affirmations that you simply watch for only moments, and creates something similar to recalling an actual blissful moment.

It’s true, neuroscience is exploding with new knowledge but has known for some time that every thought we think carves a neuro pathway in your brain and every time you think that thought, the groove carves deeper, kind of like a river carving out a canyon. I won’t detail all the scientific jargon but if you’re interested, there is enough to learn and read about it you would never be able to read it all but have included a couple suggestions.

You can learn all about MindPT at MindPT.com to understand how you can change your thoughts, change your emotions, change your body and change your day. I strongly encourage you to check it out, and take advantage a free session I’m gifting you; simply click here and create your account. There are also options to obtain other sessions by subscription that gifts you with two sessions per month; or obtain a bundle.  Simply create an account and you’re on your way.

In the meantime, recall your “moment” and see how it changes your mindset and day. You’ll find that it really is so powerful, and will entice you to head over to MindPT.

To read up on the subject of mindset and the real power you truly have over your mind, body and soul, a couple suggestions are; Before Happiness by Shawn Achor is so interesting, uplifting and enlightening, and A Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan, MD is shockingly revealing concerning how foods and medications are affecting our minds and emotional and physical well-being. It is a bit dry, but super interesting if you really want to learn about this.

Recalling the moments,



  1. Great post Ruthie. I used this very technique with my clients and enjoy savoring past moments of joy to bring about positive mood states. Thanks!

    • Yes, thinking about what you’re thinking about is always important, I just had never thought about it as an intentional act of recalling a blissful moment. It’s so simple! It overpowers negative thoughts as opposed to constantly shooing them away. Thanks for posting. Much love!

  2. Great post and such a lovely memory. I try to check in with myself throughout the day to notice what I’m thinking so I don’t let myself get sucked into the negative stuff and the cursed “should.”

    • This for sure makes it so much more automatic and conscious. Thanks for posting Barb! Much love!!

  3. I love any practice that supports our ability to cultivate more peace and joy in our lives! I am not familiar with MindPT in particular but I believe in the construct of reinforcing positive thinking. I look forward to exploring more! Thank you so much!

    • You’re so welcome Kelley. This practice along with MindPT has changed my life. It’s so much more effortless and conscious. Thank you for posting Kelley! Much love!

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