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The perfect life?  Ruthie thought she was living her dreams: A husband she adored, three amazing children, beautiful home, close friends.  But, you see –

Life never reaches a pinnacle that can’t crumble.  And if you think you have…

Think avalanche! — Unstoppable devastation; uncontrollable loss; a total reshaping of the entire landscape – a GPS re-positioning. That’s what happened to Ruthie’s “perfect life.”

Just when life was getting good, turmoil began to quake, burying her under devastation and tragedy.

After attempts to re-sculpture an unhealthy marriage, her husband made the decision to walk out on 30 yrs. of marriage.  Left to face life alone for the first time with two sons 18 and 21, and a daughter 11, she went back to work after many years of being a stay-at-home mom, heart ripped and torn.  The pain cut deep while daily struggles abounded.

Heart laid open, it was only a mother’s love for her babies that encapsulated her with the strength to dig her way out, gasp for breath and take it a day at a time.  Each day brought a little more clarity to see the truth; the lies she’d believed, as well as the long-forgotten dreams and sacrificed purposes.

It was all a path that led to an insatiable desire to Harold the message to so many people, especially women who were living the same soul-betraying life.  Through that passion, those abandoned dreams and love of writing were resuscitated and eventually Ruthie became an author and Life Coach.

The avalanche had only just begun.

After five years of holding on to hope for her marriage, her husband took his own life by a gun to the head, leaving their oldest son to find him.

The next five years were spent surviving, nurturing the shattered hearts of her children, while her own was but a shell.  Her daughter was now at college and just when it felt new life for all of them had blossomed…

The worst nightmare for any mother came knocking on her door on a Sunday morning.  

It was only days before the final edits of her book before going to print.  The words of the policeman still echo. “Tina’s been in an accident, and she’s no longer with us.”

The impact of an avalanche is the only way Ruthie can now describe the crushing of the previous ten years and the ones that were to follow.

But strength, peace and the abundance she’d been graced with, that had bloomed in her soul through those difficult, heart-rending initial years were the gift she needed to dig out now, throw off the wet clothes, seek the fire to comfort and warm, and finally excavate the tiniest spark of light. It was whispering, beckoning, enabling her to take the next breath, the next step. Would she, or even could she follow that spark?

Or would she do what she wanted to do – lay down and die?

Choices — there’s always a choice. By the time a year had passed Fireflies was finally published.

Now, that spark of inner light is a flame, brighter than any firefly’s glow, emanating through Ruthie’s writing, Life Coaching, and speaking with a message that will leave you knowing how to survive an avalanche and LET YOUR GLOW SHOW

A message so powerful it will make your toes tingle.


Just like the firefly – LET YOUR GLOW SHOW!!!





Ruthie resides in Edmond, OK and is the mother of two amazing grown sons, and a daughter who was a life-long dancer and brought light into the lives of everyone who knew her, and now dances with Jesus.

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