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What do you believe about aging? Is it just some unavoidable, biological thing that just happens? Let’s face it, none of us likes what happens to our bodies as we grow older, but the pretense and extremes people go to, to appear younger. We consider it normal, but honestly, what do you really get by appearing younger? You may feel good about it, but are you ever really satisfied with how you look? It’s the most prevalent not-enough mindset we live in.

Remember being young, wanting so badly to be older, old enough for school, old enough to not need a babysitter, old enough to date, old enough to drive, old enough to finally be considered an adult? Then, along about mid-twenties, we begin to notice it might not be all it’s cracked up to be. We begin carrying responsibilities, friendships and life dynamics change. And, even at that early age, we begin longing for our eighteen-year-old body. The whole aging thing becomes a thing. We develop fears we may not achieve the things we want as early as we anticipated. We attend that ten-year high-school reunion and are shocked at how friends have “aged.” Our mind is rehearsing all the comments from parents and grandparents. Thus, begins the spiral of aging we believe we can do nothing about.

We think of our bodies as a ticking clock, completely separate from our mind and soul, when actually our bodies are a direct link to our soul.

The body, mind and soul are designed to work in tandem as one. I’ve come to think of it as a miraculous, holy operating system.

For years now, I’ve been very curious about the aging process and delved headlong into learning as much as I could, because I’ve always known that aging is not a bad thing, it felt wrong how older people are viewed. Our world has become so busy and accomplishment oriented that if you aren’t running the rat race, you’re old and pretty much have nothing left to offer. In short – ageism.

Ageism is our beliefs about aging. We celebrate milestone birthdays that enforce, this is what you do at thirty; forty; fifty; all with “over the hill” gifts and cards. You retire at 65 destined to live the life of doctor’s; prescriptions and limitations.


What you believe is how you live and has everything to do with the vast difference in growing older vs aging. Yep, everything; whether you believe it or not.

I’m very fortunate to be very healthy with rare doctor’s visits. However, when I began to notice small changes in my body, I wanted to know more about the causes and what I could do about it. Of course, I know eating healthy and exercise is important, but I’ve also seen people who eat extremely healthy and exercise a lot suffer with physical ailments. Why is that? And then I listened to their words and attitudes toward aging.

I made an adamant decision that however many days I have left, I want to live them unlimited and feeling vibrant. While I understood on some level the negative effects things like stress can have on our bodies, I have been blown away to find that beliefs and mindset have every bit as much to do with our health, and just how much control we have in that process.

Our beliefs are rooted into every cell of our bodies. I can’t begin to go in to it all here, there are myriad books written on the subject. Two excellent ones being Goddesses Never Age by Dr. Christiane Northrup, and Eat Fat Get Thin by Dr. Mark Hyman. Simply put, your body’s ailments, pains and “aging” does not mean your body is betraying you. It is your soul’s way of loving, warning and protecting you.

For example, when you feel anger, you feel it in your body. Anger is a pushing back of something you believe shouldn’t be. That anger has to have a place to land in your body. If you feel it in your body you can be sure it is responding as long as you’re carrying it, but it’s perceived as just something our body arbitrarily does.

So, what do you believe about aging? Do you fear aging? Do you accept a new ache as simply normal aging? Well, if you’re like me, you don’t want to be sitting around in a group of older people talking about all their physical problems. But that is exactly what will happen if we don’t dump old beliefs and relearn how to live into getting older, quite different than aging.

Science is proving that most all disease and disorders can be traced to a combination of mindset, emotional and physical environment, and diet. Quite contrary to conventional medical wisdom that in large part is controlled by the pharmaceutical industry – a pill for everything.

But a pill can’t change the way your soul and body communicate or what your body is fed. It works something like this. Is there something you regret? Are you holding on to how different something could have been if only you had or hadn’t done that? What happens is you are living in a state of mourning something that never will be. A visual of what’s happening in your body might be envisioning regret or beliefs about life or yourself as a grape wrinkling in to a raisin. It is emotion based, but any physical manifestation is seen only as physical manifestation of aging.

This has nothing to do with blame. You did nothing wrong, which is one of those twisted beliefs that if untwisted would change your life outwardly, inwardly and physically. What if we turn it all in to an opportunity to continue becoming, as your beliefs develop, morph and emerge, nourishing your soul and in tandem, nourish your body, every cell of it. Can you see how much control we have over our own bodies and how they age?

There is no magic fountain of youth, it’s kind of like an old classic car in mint condition. It’s been cared for meticulously. Our fountain of youth lies in how much care we put into the food we eat; the attention toward mindsets holding me back; the shoulds that render me powerless; the movement keeping inflammation, arthritis and inflexibility at bay’; leaning into the desires and joys that are to my body like sunshine to a flower.

I want my older years to be like sipping fine wine, not taste like a bitter pill.
I want to walk, travel, not spend my time and money having a knee replacement.
I want to breath deep, not contract pneumonia because of shallow breathing.
I want to eat yummy, healthy foods, not take antacids and cholesterol medication.
I want my heart to flourish, not grow weak.
I want to play with my grandkids, not be out of breath after five minutes.
I want my skin and eyes to glow, not be gray and lifeless.

I may be getting older, but I don’t have to age. 

Aging like fine wine,


Here are links to the books I mentioned:


  1. The whole concept of conscious aging and breaking cultural beliefs about it are what my work is all about. I feel as old as I decide to be on any given day! It all starts, as does everything else, with loving ourselves just as we are!

    • Yes, it certainly does, Barb! I refuse to accept what’s considered the norm but nothing but a sentence. Thank you for posting!! Much love!

  2. Appreciating your authentic exploration of a sensitive topic for many. I love my age…it’s the process that isn’t always FUN! Your final lines read like a prayer…mantra…and mission statement, Ruthie. BRAVA!

    • Thank you Lore! I’m very passionate about this! I’ve watched too many people just submit to “getting old sucks.” Then I watched my mother go through a heart attack and the whole recovery process. Not going there! It’s about how I feel w/ no limitations, not how young I look. Much love!!!

  3. Thank you 😊! We need this type of awareness!

    • yes we do, Ginny! It absolutely changes your life. Thanks for commenting! Much love!

  4. Well, we cannot stop time and nature, but we can comply graciously! We all need this reminder from time to time. Thank you, Ruthie!

    • yes, absolutely! living in grace and the reality of nature. However, it is also about the truth about what nature really does. We have so much more control than we believe. Again, I loved your article and admire what you do. It is my dream to travel and write. Thanks so much for commenting! Much love!!!

  5. I love that you’re living your days “unlimited and vibrant”! Sounds marvelous!

    • No other way to live! I will grow older and wiser but refuse to be confined to a rocking chair barely able to care for myself. Thanks so much for commenting. Hope you’re aging like fine wine!! Much love!!

  6. Oh Ruthie, I love this: “Our fountain of youth lies in how much care we put into the food we eat; the attention toward mindsets holding me back, the shoulds that render me powerless, the movement keeping inflammation, arthritis and inflexibility at bay, leaning into the desires and joys that are to my body like sunshine to a flower”
    I agree, I think that the more we take care of ourselves in our younger years, the better we’ll be able to enjoy our older years. Great pos!!

    • Thanks so much Patricia! I’m ecstatic you read it and enjoyed it! I’ve become so passionate about this. If I’m weak and sick, capabilities limited, how does anything else really matter? I’ve always believed in taking care of myself, however all the changes I’ve made in the past year have made me feel so much better, increased my energy and literally made me look younger. My emotional well being is also a lot higher. Thank you so much for posting!

      Much love, xoxoxo


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