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Honestly, what are your thoughts about it? Have you ever shared the truth of them?

I distinctly remember when what we know today as Black Friday became “a thing.” It has long been a tradition for the official start of Christmas shopping to begin on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I think mostly because almost everyone was off work and wanted to get a head start on Christmas celebrations. Through the years, and by the 60’s it had become something quite chaotic.

Then retailers found a way to harness all the gayety and Christmas-focused mindset to entice the crowds to spend more money, with the intention of course to end the year with a bang, since the bulk of their bottom line happens in December. And by the 80’s, Black Friday had caught on and become a whole new “thing.” When you think about it, it’s not exactly a term that connotates the warm fuzzies, right.

But did you know that the term Black Friday was actually used to describe the financial crash of 1869 which happened on a Friday in September. It can’t be more than a handful of people who actually know this piece of trivia, but a little ironic, huh?

Of course, today, it’s not the revelry it once was in its peak, since everything evolves, and some of the best sales now happen before Thanksgiving and throughout the entire season. And of course, there’s the online shopping that has changed everything. However, what does the term Black Friday resonate within your heart and mind. Do you pay attention to it?

Maybe the whole get out and shop to christen the season is something you really enjoy. If so, go for it, enjoy! However, I would simply ask what your feelings and intention behind it really are. Everyone loves a good sale, so is it about snagging a bang-up deal, or just the hoopla of it all? None of it is good or bad, but with all the talk and build up, I’ve been wondering about the true intentions behind it all, if it’s just a big game that if you don’t play you feel left out?

For me personally, Black Friday has never been my thing. First, after all the house cleaning and prep for a Thanksgiving meal, I’m pooped and nothing is worth me getting up at 5am on the day after. Second, most of what’s on sale is not something on my Christmas gift list. Call me old fashioned, but I really enjoy a simple, joyous Christmas with not too many parties, lots of time with family, baking the favorites and filling my home with the smells and warm candle light. And don’t forget a good Hallmark movie and a glass of wine.

But back to Thanksgiving, I think one of the main reasons you couldn’t give me enough money to go Black Friday shopping is because Thanksgiving for me, the entire weekend, is for reflecting on all there is to be thankful for. Even though I think about gratefulness every day, Thanksgiving is a time to be still, to let your heart pop with bounty, let go of all that might not be so pleasant in your life and just lean into All is Well.

It’s kind of sad that families gather over a wonderful meal and can’t get done quick enough to get out there shopping. I think what sparked my thinking about this is when I heard a commercial of a well-known retailer opening its doors at 2pm. My heart sank at the loss of family time. Sometimes I can hear Thanksgiving crying, hey, did you forget about me?

I guess another reason I’ve been thinking about this a lot is because of the release of my new book Goodness Abounds, which has had me focused on all the Goodness in the world. Maybe you would like to take a few moments to dwell on a little Thanksgiving goodness.  You can check out the book here.

Whatever your thing is, enjoy! I guess I’m just saying, be sure you know what it’s costing you.

I really want to know your thoughts and feelings and traditions of Thanksgiving, on this and how it made you think about how you will do Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Giving Thanks,


  1. My dear, I am so with you on this one. Over the last few years I’ve begun thinking of the “black” of Black Friday as the darkness of greed and the lack of gratitude the day has taken on. It used to be a fun outing for myself and my girls but after seeing how people are trampled and behave so terribly, I’d rather create my own day-after-Thanksgiving traditions that center on love, kindness and generosity.

    • Absolutely!!!! What are some of your new traditions?

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