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Fireflies addresses very real, but rarely addressed, difficult issues of the heart we all face in our lives.  Fiction – a story – can sometimes be the most powerful way to impact a person’s, often neglected heart, their inner life.  Exactly why Jesus spoke most often in parables, knowing very well that a story can cut through all the pre-conceived, wrong thinking and religiosity.

Back cover:

“I’m so different now, so different from the naïve high school senior full of heart and dreams. Like a firefly whose very being lights up a summer night like a Fourth of July sparkler, my soul’s light was at its brightest.”

Tammy and Charla have been friends since childhood, but lost touch when life took them separate directions. In their time apart, both women have found themselves in situations far beyond their control.

Tammy Trovich had been full of dreams, but had sacrificed and forgotten them all. Truth collides with her head-on when she realizes she’s been caught like a firefly in a proverbial jar, living a life of have-to and supposed-to, when all the while, freedom was only inches away. 

Despite many obstacles, Charla Calibrisi thinks she’s living her dream as a news anchor, but when her husband’s aggressive behavior mirrors her dark past, will she allow the truth she has buried to be excavated, or will she be buried with it?

Trapped in a jar with their lights dimming, both women wrestle with their devotion to the sanctity of marriage. To what limit will Tammy and Charla let their lives grow fainter before their light is extinguished—unable to emanate even the faintest glow?


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