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A common thread in much of my writing is living whole, wellness, the good life, but really, is there anything more vital to our well-being than to feel and know we are living a good life, our best life?

In all my New Year ponderings, this has risen to the surface many times. I was inspired back in the Spring to form a group coaching opportunity called So Much More. Isn’t that what living a good life ultimately is – expanding our daily experience in to so much more of life that we all know is out there? I’m always trying to reach for so much more of life, in fact, it’s what guided me to become a Life Coach, but I have felt it so powerfully beginning this past Spring that I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and feeling something in me wanting so badly to burst forth. Do you know the feeling? You can’t really describe particulars, you just know something is going to change in a big way.

Then I was faced with some challenges, which shouldn’t have been a surprise. It’s always part of the formula, but bam, one right after another; my finances took a hit; my emotions stewed with a new flavor in a deep way as I hit the five-year anniversary of my daughter’s death; there was my Mother’s heart attack (she’s doing very well now, thankfully, but it was heart rending coming so close to losing her, and then watching her trudge through the difficult journey to full recovery – what a trooper); and even though disappointments are a part of life, I fell into one that made me question whether there really was So Much More.

Nevertheless, the reminders and heart nudges didn’t stop. I would hear or read the words on a daily basis. I would hear conversations about a “good life,” and I was reminded in so many different ways that there is So Much More to living a “good life”. Then, I became aware of a newly released book by Jonathan Fields titled, “How To Live A Good Life”. At first, the title seemed so simple and bland I almost passed it over, but once I got into it, I realized the title is simple because a good life is simple.

I’m all about gratefulness, it’s the key ingredient to how we experience life. However, is simply being grateful for the little things settling for so much less than the life we can have and want?

I say yes. Isn’t it funny how such a vital component to life can keep us from expanding and growing into more and more goodness? It’s so subtle, little thoughts like; I’m grateful, I shouldn’t expect more; I’m grateful, going after my desires is selfish; wanting So Much More is greedy. I can almost guarantee that there’s no one that doesn’t relate to these innocuous little beliefs, except they’re not so innocuous. They quite infect the way we live.

Even under the guise of being grateful, little thoughts turn in to beliefs that rob us and separate us from the life we were meant to live. Our heart and beliefs so easily slip out of alignment with each other, making life more difficult and painful rather than open to all the goodness. Reaching for the “good life” is not a dissatisfaction with what is, it’s honoring your life.

So for goodness sake, be grateful but make space for So Much More to be grateful for. This can be done in so many different ways:

Maybe just a moment to open your mind to small possibilities.

Take one action today to change one tiny thing in your life, like smiling at one person, listen to some favorite music instead of the TV blaring in the background, go for a ten-minute walk – anything.

Write down the first thing that comes to mind you would like to see change, no matter how small.

Pay close attention to little clues that you might see, hear or read, or that pop into your head.

Consciously look for one tiny way to give an act of kindness.

Do something, anything for yourself that will bring you one tiny flicker of joy.

Take just one extra moment to look a little deeper into a loved one’s eyes.

For your sake and for the sake of life’s goodness, breathe it in, dream about So Much More.

Breathing in the goodness,


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  1. Gratefulness helped me through the rough times of 2016. Thank you Ruthie for the reminder as it can be a good way to open up this year.

    • Yes, it opens up space for goodness!! Thanks for commenting, Lisa! Much love!

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