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I’m breaking up with my issues! You know, the ones that bully me in to being a “responsible adult.” When did being a responsible adult become letting go of everything fun, even childish? Come to think about it, those I love being around most are those that let go and love life the way they did as a child.

I’m pressing the reset button, recalibrating the things I love, my desires and dreams. They matter! They mattered when I was five, they matter now. Nothing has changed except my age and what I’ve been told matters and what is expected of me as an adult.

We are born to crave new experiences, but it’s so sad that imposed beliefs and expectations bully us in to letting go of the very marrow of our soul, all that we love, in exchange for limiting, emotional, and adult habits. All for fear of how we will be perceived or of being rejected. All while craving to be that child that needed to experience everything around us, a wild imagination where everything is possible and the world is a playground.

As we grow older we “accept” reality. We’re told “you can’t have everything.” It is a reality that around the age of seven, we begin to take on the emotions, beliefs and expectations of others. We are told to be a big girl, that crying is for babies. I do believe it’s very important to teach kids not to be whiners and complainers, but expressing emotions and a craving for life is a completely different thing. So, right off the bat, we are taught to limit what we feel and consequently deny our souls.

Thus, begins the ignoring of the most natural instinct we are born with, the heart’s pull that guides and shows us the better way, the way of joy and passion. We were meant to give in to the longing for love and freedom. Basically, the falling in love with life that a baby does from the moment they are born.

Settling and giving in to the limitations happens because it feels more comfortable in the moment and lends the perception of acceptance, but tragically disconnects us from our heart. That’s why as we get older, people become so disillusioned with life, can’t voice their passion, and somehow quit playing with life.

So, I’ll say it again; I’m done “adulating!” I will not succumb to the at-my-age mindset. Settling not only hurts my present way of living, my joy in every moment, it hurts my soul.

I have painted a new picture of what I want my life to look like, and guess what? It’s much like what I pictured as a little girl. I imagine all that I love, all that I dream and I will ponder how I want to feel, and ignore all the “adulating” rhetoric of how I should feel, what I should do. I give myself permission to love what I love, be what I am and have what I want, experience what I desire.

Any moment of any day is ripe with opportunity for change, for joy. But first, I have to give myself permission to push the radical reset button, permission to play and dream. I give myself permission to be the lead character in my own movie.

Let me ask you, are you living in a starring role, or are you a supporting actor? What that means is that the moments of your day are either supporting the life you want or supporting the limiting life we’ve accepted.

Your heart is your compass, the same heart you knew as a child. It is full of light and love and joy, and the thing is, it’s infectious, it lights up everyone else’s life in the same way a child lights up a room and suddenly “adulting” is absent. The room and the hearts of those present feel the authentic abandonment of that child’s heart.

I’m going to play my way into new experiences and opportunities, but play requires that I release all expectations of outcome. It’s all for the fun of it. I want different results in my life and that means I will need to change the way I think and behave.

I want you to see that when we break up with our issues, we create more space to play and live into joy. Relying on our “adulting,” supposed to’s and so called knowledge, and ignoring our intuition, our heart, is the fast track to no man’s land, the life you never wanted.

Intuition and instincts, just like a child, have nothing to do with thoughts and perceptions. I wonder what would happen if we gave them the place in life they were meant to have? You heart never stops playing Truth or Dare, “adulting” does.

So, I ask you, what’s your truth and what do you dare? You can fall in love with life by asking that little child to come along for the ride.

Returning to the playground,


  1. I gave up being an adult a few years ago. Now I do what I love, love what I do, and act however my heart directs me to act. I keep a picture of my 5 year old self on my desk and I talk to her every day: “What are we doing for fun today?” Today it’s going to rain, so I think I’ll go hang out with a book about fairies! Loved this post!

    • You go girl! Keeping a picture of your little girl self is so effective! Maybe even dance in the rain today!! Thanks for posting, Barb!! Much love!!

  2. This post connects with the part of me that craves the adventure of re-invention. There’s such freedom in ongoing change and growth… being a work in progress and enjoying every minute of it. I appreciate your enthusiasm for the topic.

    • Yes, Andrea, it’s all about the craving and giving it freedom. We need to give our little girl more attention! Thanks for posting! Much love!

  3. I absolutely, positively LOVE this article, Ruthie! To feel and see life through the eyes of a child would be wonderful.

    Life is an amazing adventure; it was never intended to be lived in gray-scale.

    • Thank you, Cindy!! No it wasn’t. May you see all the colors! I loved coloring as a child and presents a great vision to go to any moment! Thanks for commenting! Much love xoxoxo

  4. Wow I’m with this idea, I love it. Thanks. Sharing

    • You’re welcome, Sue!!! It is so life changing!!! Thanks for posting!! Much love!

  5. How fun! I know I need to stop adulting and have more fun, play and be silly! Thanks Ruthie, this was fun to read!

    • Thanks so much, Kris!! So glad it sparked some fun! Hope it spurs you on to capture the innocent, authentic loves of your childhood. Thanks for posting! Much love!!

  6. Ruthie I love this article and i have recently decided to return to me and let go of the woulds, shoulds and coulds too. I am about to write the story of the future me nd you post will have me including more play xxx

    • Good for you, Suzie!! Dump the have-to’s and supposed-to’s and recapture that innocent, authentic little girl that loved life. Thanks for posting! Much love!

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