About Life Coaching

Life Coaching is the sharp blade needed to cut away the obstacles keeping you from your best life possible!



I describe the coaching experience as learning to dance with life.  I also like to refer to it as my issuing you the permission slip that you always believed you had to have to be who you are and live what you love.

Coaching is not therapy or counseling.  It is learning that it is possible to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.  It is a journey of discovery of self and your true passions and desires, as well as shining light on the obstacles keeping you stuck.

We can accept the idea of coaching for sports, personal fitness, tutoring; why not LIFE.  The Bible compares life to running a race.  But most of our lives would look like walking on a treadmill, or running a marathon with the wrong clothes and wrong shoes.

What could be more valuable than a coach for your life to strengthen, grow and move your life into your purpose, abundance, wholeness – and not the least – the thriving your soul was intended for.

Most, whether aware of it or not, are living a life much different than the one held in their heart.

What if a man struggles all his life to reach the top of a ladder, only to find it’s against the wrong wall? 

Life Coaching is the process of purposefully aligning your outer life with your inner life, and spotlighting those things that have you trapped in “have to /supposed to” with an “I have no choice” perspective.

If we’re honest, especially women, would admit they abhor the life they are living.

According to Mental Health America, and other statistics, at least 19 million Americans suffer from depression, 12 million of which are women.  Why is it such an epidemic?  Well, when you think about living a life you don’t want to live, why wouldn’t you be depressed?

God’s intent for your life was abundance, wholeness of your soul, fullness in every area, living the good life, even through great difficulties.  All the power and choices are in you!  Maybe for the first time you will feel really alive, swimming upstream with outrageous requests of life will become the norm.

Two major reasons most don’t understand this are:

  • We are conditioned to judge everything as good or bad.
  • We believe that it is outer circumstances that control our mindset and feelings.

So whether it be a small change, discovering your purpose, improving relationships, parenting, or a complete life overhaul, you can purposefully live in the abundance of the life you dream of.




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