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You Know It!
You’ve always known it!

The video below mentions a start date of Oct 18, however the next start date is April 18, 2017


We’ve never met but I know you.the-good-life-3

You’re a woman who wants more.

You know there is So Much More to life.

But – You find yourself living a much different life than you’d dreamed of.

You feel guilty and ungrateful for wanting
So Much More.

You sacrifice yourself to give and care for those you love.

You default to saying what is expected instead of speaking your heart and truth.

You often feel depleted, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

You rarely do the things you love or anything for yourself because you believe what you love doesn’t really matter.

You live by have-to / supposed-to.

You feel guilty for feeling resentment about the have-to’s.

Now, you feel trapped but believe you need permission to change your life.

I know you.  I was you.

I was a woman split in two. My outer life so different from my inner truth, the deep down knowing hidden by what we’ve been conditioned to revere – the accumulated beliefs of have-to / supposed-to.

Well, I’m here to give you the permission slip to the So Much More you want.

It’s time!

You’ve always known, there’s So Much More to life.

But what you didn’t know is that there are five things that have kept you from that So Much More!

  • Self-Doubt – about yourself and about the possibilities
  • Guilt – It would be selfish to want more
  • A have-to/supposed-to mindset living the expectations of others
  • Not-enoughness mind chatter and sense of unworthiness
  • A severed connection to your inner life

All of these were intricately woven into my life from childhood and it took the pain of self-minimizing, the soul-killing struggle to live up to expectations, emotional abuse, financial lack, my husband’s suicide, and the loss of my 20yr old daughter, to finally allow myself to be led to the So Much More that I had denied myself.  

And because my daughter, Tina is the one who taught me how to live in the So Much More, I dedicate this new coaching group to honor her.

so-much-more-2So I know the courage and gut-wrenching strength it takes to leap from the dark to finally get it. It was learning how to live in the So Much More that finally caused me to ask myself, What had I been waiting for? I began doing the things I’d always wanted to do, like write. I love to write. Why had I convinced myself I needed permission to do that? I have permission to take a walk, or get a massage. I love reading, how had I become convinced that reading was a waste of valuable time? What about that beach vacation I’d always dreamed of? I didn’t need to wait for it to ‘work out’ for a friend to go with me. I could go by myself – now.

What was I waiting for?

I had gifts I was meant to use and things I desired and wanted to do.  My kids knew nothing about my desires because I didn’t talk about what brings me joy. They didn’t know me.

I didn’t know me!

Now, my voice comes from a very deep place of immense passion that cannot be silenced, with to lend you the permission and courage to live your So Much More!

Chances are you’ve thought how great it would be to have a personal life coach to walk through the steps of improving your life or getting through difficult times or tough decisions. The problem is, it can be expensive, and of course, you can’t spend that kind of money on yourself, right? And that alone does not assure you the So Much More that’s just for you.

What if you could get in on the opportunity to be a part of a coaching group that would bust through all the self-doubt, guilt, not-enoughness and all the supposed- to’s that are keeping you from your So Much More?

The truth is, while one-on-one may seem optimal, in a coaching group:

  • It’s much more affordable
  • You will realize you’re not the only one who struggles or KNOWS that there is So Much More!
  • You will feel inspiring relief that others feel just like you
  • You will feel the encouragement from all those in the group, not just one person
  • You will have the powerful accountability factor
  • And you will gain the opportunity to grow from the wisdom and life struggles of others and feel the elation of knowing you have not only moved your life forward but helped others to do the same

In six short weeks, you will learn to walk the journey with the courage and strength and truth it takes to get to So Much More.

In my new So Much More! Coaching Group, you are going to meet your future self.

Does I have to… dictate your actions?
Do you often say I don’t have a choice?
Do you keep quiet for fear of what someone will think?
Do you hold back riddled with what if’s?
Do you struggle with decisions?
Are the voices in your head telling you you’re not enough?
Do you play the comparison game?
Do you feel the need to control outcome?

Did you do anything today that brought even a moment of joy?

Are you ready to stop the madness and meet your future self? I’m so excited about doing this coaching group for the first time ever!

We begin January 9, 2018

You know there is So Much More! And you know you want to do this!

This is NOT a how-to!

This is an EXPERIENCE!

Here’s what you’re going to get:

  • Six coaching sessions with myself along with fourteen other people
  • A free one-on-one session with me
  • Access to a private facebook group so you can interact with each other
  • Experiences that will change your trajectory
  • Simple weekly exercises that will guide you and eventually culminate into a workbook/journal to refer back to from now on
  • A chance to make new and possibly lifelong friends
  • Your confidence; your permission slip to live your gifts and what you love
  • The unscrambling of your beliefs; banishment of what if’s and have-to’s for good
  • The courage and strength to rise out of any circumstance stronger to experience even more So Much More
  • An autographed copy of my book, “Fireflies” 
  • The unlimited freedom you’ve always wanted to live So Much More!

Here’s the deal – I can only take a maximum of 15 people in the group, so it will fill up fast.

This is your chance to reach for that So Much More you’ve always known was there. You just hoped that maybe, it would come to you – someday. You didn’t know it’s always been there for the taking.

I said hello to my future self, living So Much More!

My friend, you don’t have to wait any longer for your So Much More.

And it has nothing to do with whether you’re married or what responsibilities you might have or circumstances you might be in. It’s waiting for you!

You can do this! Grab the So Much More!

Here’s the great thing! You can pay from $150 up to $500 and more for a single coaching session, but you will get six sessions, PLUS one private session with me, along with little goodies and freebies, for one affordable price.

Again, we begin on Tuesday, January 9, 2018.  You will receive a reminder email with your downloads and little gifts.




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HERE IS YOUR So Much More!









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