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And they lived happily ever after.

How much of our lives have been spent thinking about happy endings, which are more about things going the way we want and think they should than anything else. Like many other things, perspective has more to do with happy endings that we realize.

We all desire to have things end well, but does anything really end?

“The truth is; there are not really any happy endings because there are no endings, only continuous, endless beginnings.”

When we experience different things in our life, the experience itself may come to an end, and most likely be judged good or bad, but the experience has become a part of us and moves forward with us. Everything is changing moment by moment, so in reality, it’s a new beginning no matter how pleasant or unpleasant the experience that has passed might have been.

Here’s the thing; the new beginning – the first day of the rest of your life – can carry the unpleasant pain and disappointment and even heartache as an unhappy ending, or it can hold the opportunity for new and wonderful things to come to you.

There was a time when books and movies with “happy endings” were something I thought gave me such heart and gratification, but when I experienced some very unhappy endings, I realized how sad it was to see and feel it as an ending. It was an unpleasant and even excruciating circumstance that I simply had to choose how to walk through. That was when I noticed that books and movies with “happy endings” didn’t interest me anymore. I found myself rolling my eyes when things turned out perfect. Good grief, life isn’t perfect.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like a feel-good story, but I now know that I am so much more touched and fulfilled when I witness, either in life or in story, people that come through what would be considered very unhappy endings, but turn it into a new beginning, moving forward with new wisdom, strength and grace into
new beginnings,” open to new possibilities.

And they are endless.

When I think about how defeating it is to think of life experiences in terms of endings, I have to ask, is any ending a “happy ending?” What you might consider a happy ending could easily, in the twinkle of an eye turn into quite the opposite. So, why do we do this to ourself?

It’s true, there is loss, disappointment, jobs end, relationships end, things get turned upside down, but if we see it as an end, then it also means an end to the “new beginnings” ahead; open doors, new possibilities. And yes, just like the level of fulfillment gained from a story of walking from difficult so-called endings, which in reality are simply life changes, into the gifts that are offered to our future, we gain so much in those “new beginnings.”

The truth is, in some cases, what might be viewed as an ending could very well be simply an opportunity to change a situation into something so much more beautiful, expanding it to places not even dreamed. Nothing ended at all.

I remember times when I was in a place of pure bliss and joy, almost always in nature on a perfect day. But especially on a beautiful, tranquil beach, when I would say, “I never want this to end.” You can relate, right? It’s normal to dread the day when you have to leave that place. I felt it when I went to Cozumel by myself. Up to then, it was the most magical trip I’d ever taken. Today when I remember every moment of the ten days, four years later, I see how it shaped me, setting me on a path of “new beginnings.” Nothing ended at all, I have the treasure and magic of that trip to carry me into more and more “new beginnings.”

I felt the same way when I went to Greece with my Mom and sister in the summer of 2015. It’s absolutely true, I would have loved nothing more than to spend more time seeing and experiencing the myriad of things we didn’t have time to. Our time there ended, but to this day, the memories and magic of that trip shape my thoughts and life perspective and well-being every day. And by the way I can go back if I want.

The truth is, most of those moments we don’t want to end are indeed over in a moment, but they are meant to carry forward into newness.

There are only “new beginnings” ahead of you, there are no endings. You’re “happily ever after” is in every moment’s new beginnings.

Beginning again,


  1. Love this, Ruthie! Especially “there are not really any happy endings because there are no endings, only continuous, endless beginnings.” It truly is all about perspective. And something that we judge as ‘bad’ might present something that helps us to grow into our next greatest potential.

    • Yes, you’re exactly right, Lea. This was an evolving revelation for me, that happy endings are really a myth. We are blessed with met desires and life’s gifts, but they are joys, not endings. Thanks for posting. Much love!

  2. After experiencing many deaths at an early age, I was stuck in the loss of a physical connection, which was an ending. However through healing, I have opened a door to multiple spiritual connections which are unending. xx

    • You’ve got it, Lisa! It was the loss of my daughter that began the evolution of this truth and finally a huge revelation. Every moment lives on forever. Things change even though we sometimes would like them to stay the same, but life is simply moving us forward unless we’re resisting and wishing the moment we’re in was different. Thanks for posting! Much love!

  3. Every day I write in my journal at least 5 things I am grateful for. The first one is always the same: a new day filled with infinite possibilities!

    • yes, new mercies every morning. It’s so freeing to know that nothing really ends. Thanks for posting, Barb!! Much love!!

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