Here is your So Much More

You will never regret stepping out on the edge

to reach for what your heart knows is

So Much More!


The EXPERIENCE begins Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Your So Much More is there for the taking!!

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This is the first and only time to EXPERIENCE my new So Much More Coaching Group for this price almost anyone can afford.

Think about it – Your So Much More for a one-time investment of $259.

Is it worth it? Are you worth it?

~Six coaching sessions. (at least a $700 value)

~A one on one private session with me. ($195 value)

~An ongoing, interactive facebook group of supportive new friends.

~Experiences that will change your trajectory.

~ Simple weekly exercises that will guide you and eventually culminate into a workbook/journal to refer back to from now on. (the price of a self-help workbook)

~Your confidence; your permission slip to live your gifts and what you love. (invaluable)

~The unscrambling of your beliefs; banishment of what if’s and have-to’s for good. (invaluable)

~An autographed copy of my book “Fireflies.” ($17)

~The unlimited freedom you’ve always wanted to live So Much More! (invaluable)

~And So Much More!

We will convene every Tuesday night via Skype for six weeks, beginning January 9, 2018, at 5:30pm PST – 7:30pm CST – 8:30pm EST

Meet your future self!

Those you love deserve to meet her too!

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Refund policy – When someone begins Life Coaching, there is almost always a moment they will feel the pull to revert to old patterns instead of moving forward. They may feel discouraged or doubt whether it will make a difference. That is the point many may feel they want to bow out. And many people will if given the opportunity. The whole point is to give you every incentive to stick with it until you get to where you want in your life. Also, once you have reserved your spot, you have eliminated the opportunity for someone else to participate in this experience. For these reasons, refunds will not be available.

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