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There’s just something so magical about flowers. They make me so happy. It’s like I’ve had a lifelong affair with them. It also makes me sad when they wilt and die. But recently, I was enjoying the blooming tulips that carpet the grounds at a nearby park, one of my favorite things about Spring. I try to enjoy them as much as possible because I know they only gift us for a very short three weeks once they bloom. I’ve been thinking a lot about why they grace the earth for such a short time.

Then I caught wind of a book through Dr. Christiane Northrup called Flowerevolution. Her conversation with the author, Katie Hess was so interesting and the talk of flowers so delightful, I had to check out the book and found it so unlike any I’ve ever read. A bit of serendipity if you ask me for this to bloom into my life as I’m enjoying and contemplating all the beauty of Spring flowers. The way she details the essence of all different kinds of flowers is so insightful and almost poetic that I couldn’t help but understand the reason you can’t be around flowers and not feel the way they touch your soul. She has studied flowers all her life and shares that wealth of information, and also makes flower elixirs and oils. Fascinating!!

We all have favorite flowers and have experienced the way different flowers affect us, for instance, a Sunflower makes me smile and feel so playful; while the unique and gorgeous orchid makes me feel a sense of wonder. So, it makes perfect sense when Katie describes how we gravitate to specific flowers based on our internal landscape and the way they make us feel. This comes from an inate understanding of the flower through our heart. No wonder they insight such rich feelings.

There is a language of flowers that we all speak. Think about how happy it makes you to talk about flowers. Think about how happy it makes you to be surprised by the gift of flowers or have them sent to you. There’s just something about someone wanting to gift you with something of such beauty, something so alive.

Are you feeling the magic of it all? Does it make you want to go buy some flowers? Well, it did me. I treated myself and chose a perfect combination of colors and textures and prominently displayed them. What I noticed was that the first thing I looked at when I walk into the room is the flowers. I realized that not only because they made me happy, there was a connection to them. If they could talk they would be saying; We bring peace to your day. We are here to gift you with beauty and remind you of how beautiful you are. We enrich the air you breathe and your soul with joy, all which surges through your body with health and vitality.

Mmmm, can you sense that?

Katie says, “Flowers radiate energy that tunes our body.” Of course they do, that’s why we feel magic at the sight of them or in their presence.

Yet again I find myself thinking about how fast they will be gone but remember Katie describing how the way flowers come and are gone is such a vivid and soul-cleansing reminder of how temporal life is, how temporal things are. Yes, nothing stays the same. And by the way, every year the tulips come back, they are more beautiful and grow in numbers.

It’s pretty common knowledge that being in nature has massive benefits for our bodies and minds such as reducing stress, balancing hormones and reducing cortisol, reducing blood pressure and boosting immunity and white blood cells. Imagine the added benefits flowers provide. Imagine the change in mood, mindset and sense of well-being. Think of the healing powers this has for our bodies, minds, and souls.

Wanna frolic through a field of wild flowers with me? Well, how delightful would that be? But at the very least, go buy some flowers for someone, and buy some for yourself, or plant some. Notice how you choose them based on the eminence they make you feel and on the personality of the person you buy them for. Soak in their energy and relish in the beauty and nourishment.

You can check out the book here.  I encourage you to buy the hardback to enjoy all the beautiful photography by the well-known Louie Schwartzberg.  It makes a great coffee table book.

Feeling the magic,


  1. I have always had an affinity for flowers. I remember picking dandelions at a very yung age thinking the were flowers. Who decides what is a weed and what is a flower anyway.

    • Exactly, in reality, there are no weeds. I loved dandelions also!!!. As I mentioned in the blog, I recently came across a fascinating book Flowerevolution. I am loving it! Thanks for commenting!! xoxo

  2. I sometimes think that I was a garden fairy in another life – that’s how much I love flowers. Can’t wait to read the book, and I absolutely LOVE the work of Louis Schwartsberg! Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, I am love his work also!! I am loving the book!! Thanks for commenting, Barb!! Much love!! xoxo

  3. I also have a very strong connection to flowers. They light me up like nothing else in this earth can. They are portals to the divine to me and in their presence I feel I can better access my soul. I will definitely check out this book! Thank you for sharing.

    • Yes, they are definitely divine and a portal. They have such amazing powers and now from what I am learning from the book, they have much more than I ever knew!! Thanks for posting!! Much love!! xoxoxo

  4. Yes! Flowers are amazing and inspire awe in me. I am so looking forward to meeting the tulips that we planted in our garden last fall.

    • Love this time of year!!! xoxoxo

  5. As a trained horticulturist, there is indeed a language of flowers!
    Herbalists and gardeners alike can “hear” when a plant has a message, or wants your attention.
    Thanks for the delightful post.

    • Thanks, Robin!!! Being a horticulturist, you would love the book! Thanks for posting! Much love!

  6. Love, Love, Love flowers and brighten my and others world with. xoxo

    • Nothing makes you feel quite like them!!! Thanks for posting!! Much love!! xoxo

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