Come On In Beautiful Friend!



I’m so glad you’ve made the choice to cross over with me!

My favorite word is an Italian word – Attraversiamo.

It means “let’s cross over.”  (Yes I stole it from the movie Eat, Pray, Love).  

The photo of this bridge was taken at a pivotal time on a trip to Sea Ranch, CA.  If you linger a bit and choose to walk this bridge with me, I warn you that your life will never be the same, as my heart touches yours and you learn more about my passion to LET YOUR GLOW SHOW!  My heart is to connect with yours and build a lasting relationship as I envision walking hand in hand with you on this journey.  A journey to live your inner light, all your gifts, instead of denying or ignoring them in a paralyzing search for the permission slip to be YOU.

The GREAT NEWS is that you will no longer be stuck, 

living in the mire of have-to / supposed-to.  

You will, maybe for the first time, know YOU – all of you!

My message is simple:

You have an inner light – a purpose – and you are enough!

The first step is to cross over into this community.  You will receive encouraging and soul-nurturing messages and blog intended to lay truth out there in the light and lay down old behaviors and thinking patterns.  You will also receive my newsletter with information on opportunities, coaching and news about my books.

It’s simple – sign up with your email

I promise – there will be no releasing of your email or inundation to your inbox.  Just an occasional dose of light!

The second step is to check out my books.  Fireflies is my first novel and Let Your Glow Show is my new free eBook that capsulizes my passion but will guide you through radical new perspectives on the truth about Love, which is the path to LET YOUR GLOW SHOW!

Attraversiamo!  LET’S CROSS OVER! 

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